Your financial journey with SQIS



Starting out

Most people start off without a clear direction, plan, or strategy for their financial future. Our aim is to guide through to setting your foundations.



When building your dream home, you first ensure that the foundations are strong. You do this to make sure that it can support everything you want to build later on.  Your financial journey should be no different.  At this stage in your financial journey we start by implementing strategies that work to create very strong foundations for your financial future.  We like to call this setting Perfect Foundations.

Perfect Foundations stand for;

Protect your family

Estate Plans in Order

Really Smart Super

Foundation support & advice team

Effective debt management

Cashflow under control

Tax under Control

Wealth Creation

After laying down the Perfect Foundations, we then move onto a wealth creation plan we call Pathway to Wealth. This plan is designed for people looking to accelerate their wealth through the use of various strategies which can include; Investments, Maximizing cash flow, tax planning and superannuation.


Countdown to retirement

After the successful completion of the Pathway to Wealth Program we shift focus to your Countdown to Retirement. At this stage we assess both wealth creation and wealth preservation strategies. We refocus and regularly review your goals to ensure you are on track to retiring in style!

Retire in style

This is the final stage in your financial journey, and where through working with us, you are able to retire in style! We work hard to understand your needs and goals, ensure your estate plans are in order, and review how long your money will last. At this stage we look to maximize income streams and possibly incorporate the use of the CARE Investment philosophy to reduce risk in retirement.